Eureka Community Initiative


The Eureka Casino Resort is the only 100% employee owned hotel casino in the country. Located in Mesquite, the company has sought to provide value as a member of the community since building the resort in the early 1990s. Formed in 2012, the Eureka Community Initiative is a direct result of the desire to find solutions to problems and the will to help people realize their full potential. We believe, together, our best selves can be a conduit to transform the lives of others. Eureka employee-owners are invested in creative collaboration to provide measurable impacts in our core areas of focus including Education, Citizenship, Outreach and Economic Development. Through the dedicated efforts of Eureka employee-owners, over fifty programs and events have been completed for the Mesquite community. 


The company’s defining tenant is more than a mantra written in back of the house hallways throughout the property.  The “Eureka Way” as it is written manifests as a commitment to be “first and best” by serving guests, community and one another with care, compassion and dedication. Each employee-owner is constantly striving to create a fun, welcoming environment for guests. 

For more information on how you can get involved with Mesquite Reads, or any of our other community initiatives contact Gerri Chasko at 702-345-4726 or email


The Eureka is dedicated to the central focus that all students in Mesquite will read by their grade level by the third grade. For five weeks spanning June and July, students are given the opportunity to meet that goal through a program called Mesquite Reads. Virgin Valley Elementary hosts students from Kindergarten to second grade in a supportive setting functioning to meet their individual needs. Most importantly, instilling tools to help them become better readers and more in control of their academic future.

Mesquite Reads has been ongoing for 10 years and has helped over 800 children.  The ECI has kept the focus on Mesquite Reads by adding events throughout the year, such as free book giveaway days and partnerships projects with Rotary Clubs International and the Mesquite STEAM Center.



Part of the extensive five-week, summer program, Mesquite Reads has a special lunch service called Spaghetti Days. Every Thursday, for the duration of the program, Eureka employee-owners volunteer to serve students a nutritious lunch at Virgin Valley and Beaver Dam Elementary schools. To date 800 lunches have been provided through the program.


Each October the Eureka is transformed into something spooktacular. Mesquite families come to the property to celebrate Halloween and interact with non-profits and local businesses.  The event continues to grow - adding more games, more attractions and more candy each year.


As employee-owners, we’ve been keenly aware of the importance of working together, as a company and a community. Every project is formed with a joint task force to invite the ideas and participation of a wide variety of individuals. The projects are introduced to the community and kicked off at Eureka.
Along the way, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside partners who are equally vested in the success of the children, families and community of Mesquite at large.

Some of the groups that we support include: