Service & Hospitality Awards

We are excited to announce the winners of the first annual Eureka Service & Hospitaly Awards. The honors are given to the employee-owners who best live and breathe our core values of serving our guests, one another, and the community with care and compassion.

And the winners are.....

Mike Sandoval - 2023 Winner

The Myron Shields Award was given to Mike Sandoval!  He serves our employee owned family business in the last three feet, on the front line, creating and enhancing our guest and employee owner experience and guarding our image and our culture. Mike is both a great listener and doer and  is unafraid to charge into the fire in service to our guest, our community and fellow employee owners. He works each moment to be sure our company lives up to its own expectation and standards always through the lens of being a gracious host and being of service.

Myriam Ortiz - 2023 Winner

Myriam Ortiz was awarded the Billy Mac Award! Myriam makes an impactful contribution to the business, she takes on tough challenges personally and professionally and stays resilient and works relentlessly to accomplish something that benefits us all. Myriam is liked by guests and colleagues alike because she take a real interest in them and is quick to offer a "tip of the cap" to compliment and call attention to the contribution of others. 

Christy Templeton - 2023 Winner

Christy Templeton took home The Barbara Farragher award!  Christy displays remarkable commitment to the wellbeing of both her fellow employee owners and our guests. She not only demonstrates care and compassion, but she also displays a tenacious commitment to the success and future of the business. Christy has the universal respect of her peers and a committed following by our guest.


Karen Ducharme - 2023 Winner

Naturally, Karen Duchame was awarded the Sheree Bridell award!  Karen has an unusual commitment to the Eureka family and our core values.  She provides remarkable care for our guests while working either entirely on her own or as a central part of a high performing team. Karen's authentic care is evident to all and her noteworthy work ethic comes from a place of love.

Salvador Gonzalez - 2023 Winner

Salvador Gonzalez' positivity and joy is infectious! He is the person who makes our buildings, a home, and his coworkers, his family. He demonstrates an unshakable positive outlook, and a deep love for the business and his colleagues. Above all, Salvador consistently put a smile on the faces of his coworkers who he also often make laugh.

Ralph Lopez - 2023 Winner

The winner of the inaugural Ralph Lopez Award is no other than Ralph Lopez! His work ethic is doubted by no one. His contribution spans across every department and division and his commitment to our company and our values is fierce. Ralph leads with grace and compassion while maintaining the highest of standards and expectations. He lives our core values and embodies our core mantra of "Talk is cheap, words are plentiful BUT deeds are precious."